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Saidin both struggles against and strives with Saidar , providing the driving force to turn the Wheel of Time. The Wheel turns, and a Pattern of an Age is woven, creating its own Age Lace. The Wheel turns, and Ages upon Ages come and go, all combining to create the Great Pattern, forming the Lace of Ages. All is included in the Great Pattern: past, present, and future; reality and possibility; every Age of every turning of the Wheel. The Great Serpent eternally swallows its own tail, and the Wheel turns. History is rewoven, but never repeated. Yet the Wheel turns, seven spokes slowly rotating in a cosmic circle, ceaselessly creating the fabric of creation.

And there, amidst the vast Infinitude of Time itself, in but one infinitesimal Age, a mere blink of the Great Serpent's eye, our story takes place. In this one solitary Age, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, an Age forgotten among legends, an Age foretold aeons ago, two towers arose. The towers were not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turnings of the Wheel of Time. But they were a beginning, for they were the Twin Towers, which were prophesied to shatter the old order and sunder ancient philosophies, yet redefine the world in their own image. May the Light, the Shadow, and the Balance have mercy on the souls of those that oppose them.

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