Welcome to the Twin Towers class of basic HTML. What this class is meant to do is give people a means to spruce up thier posts. DiscServer, althought it has been slapped upside the head enough times to loose some teeth, still enables people to use HTML in their posts, and therefore, enable people to vary the other-wise dull appearance of messages. You know how Knife always signs his posts as KNIFE, with extra thick letters? All he is doing is making his text Bold. I am going to assume that all of you know what Bold and Italics are ....

HTML is a language of Markup. What that means, is that it is not so much a computer language like Dos, Java, or C++, but a set of simple commands that tell your web browser what to do. This also means that if you wanted to create a web page in HTML, all you need is Notepad Simple Text, or the window that DiscServer gives you to type your post in.

All HTML commands (that I will teach you) are surrounded by the Greater than and Less than signs. Use Shift "," and Shift "." to get these keys. So, to code in HTML, you would type "<" then the command, and then ">."

All text that is not within a pair of <>s, is going to appear in your post as typed text. The commands with in the <>s, are what make it change. Any command inside a simple pair of <>s is called a Start command. It starts whatever effect you want. That effect will continue until the end of the post unless you place an end command for the same effect. An end command is a pair of greater/less than symbols with a slash as the first character inside.
An end command would be typed as "</" then the command, and then ">." I will now list and explain some basic commands.

The bold command is quite simple. It is the letter B. To make text bold simply place a B inside the <>s, so that you have a <b>. To end boldness, simply place a </b>. An example of a correct use of bold would be this:

<b> Knife, Gnat, and all the others. </b>

It could also be typed as:

<B> Knife, Gnat, and all the others. </B>

The italics command is as simple as the bold: It is the letter I. To make text italic simply place an I inside the <>s, so that you have an <I>. To end italics, simply place a </I> after your text. An example of a correct use of Italics would be this:

<i> AERIS! Get out of my head! </i>

It could also be typed as:

<I> AERIS! Get out of my head!</I>

The same as bold and Italics, except for with a U.

To center text, use the <center> and </center> commands

To align text to the right margin, use <right> and </right>.

There are a number of commands that fall under <FONT>. One of them is size. To change the size of your text, just type: <FONT size=(x)> and
</FONT>. The (x) should be a number. To keep the font the same size, place a 3. Anything less is smaller, and anything more is larger.

This is the first of more difficult commands. First off, I'd like to say that in order for a picture to appear, it must already be on
the internet. If you have a picture, email it to twintowerrpg@yahoo.com, and I can either post it in the gallery or collection of other pics. You could also just post it on your own web site. Anyway, to post a picture in your text, type:

<IMG SRC= (http://www.yourwebadress.com)>

The picture will appear there. You can add other commands for the border and what not, but they are more complicated so they wont appear here. Be sure to include the http:// part of your web adress.

These are all the simple commands that are neccesary to make your posts more interesting, or just to convey that idea that wasn't possible
before. I know I didn't cover everything ... links, tables, backrounds, etc are all a part of HTML,
but are not necicarry to spruce up posts.

Here is a index of the commands I showed you:
<b>, </b> : Bold
<i>, </i> : Italics
<u>, </u> : Underline
<FONT sixe=x>, </FONT> : Size, x = size number
<IMG SRC= (web adress)> : Picture
<center>, </center> : Align Center
<right>, </right> : Align Right

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