As a new player to the Twin Towers RPG you are bound to run into some terminology that you will not understand--here is a compilation of the most frequently used terms and acronyms. [Hopefully you are familiar with the standard Wheel of Time acronyms and terminology, which will be used often in the RPG]

Twin Towers, The- An old name for a compound similar to the set up of White Tower. It has three main towers, which are located on separate ridges, and in the valley between them lies a small township and The Great Academy.. The Tower of Light is built much like the White Tower of pre-Tarmon Gai'don days, as is the Twilight Tower (except of grey granite), and the Dark Tower is of a similar note except that it is made of obsidian. The academy is a set of beautiful buildings, including the township, and the Healer's Hall, a center renown for its skills with medical arts. A thick wall that is constantly patrolled by various soldiers of the Towers surrounds the compound and there is only one entrance and exit to them [unless you can Travel]-all arrivals and departures are immediately noticed and acknowledged no matter the time of day or night. All buildings on the Twin Towers' grounds are Ogier-built. Immediately outside the Academy, on the banks of the lake, is the Ogier Grove.

TT-Twin Towers

MoN-Mistress of Novices/Newbies

GM-General Manager, or Game Master. Those with GM status have the ultimate say in what happens. [For those of you who are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, the GM is the equivalent of a Dungeon Master]. Current GMs are as follows: Strange Package, Frenzy, Moonshadow (Chani) and Gaul. If you have problems with something going on or have some suggestions the GMs would be happy to hear from you, but please remember--always be civil -- things get done a lot faster that way.

Dark Wars, The- A dark period in history about 30-50 years before the point in time in which this game begins [assume the Towers are between 15 and 20 years old]. The Dark Wars were caused when a group from outside called Chaos [for lack of a better term] destroyed Tar Valon and started an all out war in the world. The Chaos faction is headed by our oh-so-loveable Mordeth, bane of the Pattern.

PC-Player character [i.e. you]

NPC-Non-player character [usually created by a PC for purposes of advancing the game]

RPG-Role-playing Game

NPCs, Closed-These are non-player characters that are locked and can only be moved around by one certain person. A list of closed NPCs is currently available on the Hall of Mirrors BBS and will be eventually archived in the Hall of Fame [but this may take a while]. Closed NPCs have the same general rights as PCs--as in you cannot act for them or kill them without permission from their creator.

NPCs, Open-NPCs that are available for everyone to use [i. e. Alsbeth, the Mistress of the Kitchens] at their discretion, the only request is that you don't kill them off and that you try and stay with the personality they were established with.

Seeing-The ability of a channeler to "see" the ability to channel regardless of gender. This ability is highly prized by those of the Red Ajah [who in this time are the recruiters for the Towers]. The ability to channel is indicated by an aura--if the person can already channel it is possible to tell by the intensity of the aura how strong an individual is. [i. e. If you See the Amyrlin of Light (or any of the other Amyrlins) or the M'Haels the aura would be blinding...whereas if you glanced at a character that is admittedly weak in the One Power or is untrained, the aura will be barely discernible].

Isai-The first rank in the Twin Towers--male Isai are called Asha'isai and females are An'isai. As stated above Isai are on the lowest rung of the proverbial ladder of Power.

Triad, The-The Triad is the ultimate authority in the Twin Towers [especially as far as GM-ing goes] its member are Strange Package, Frenzy Sedai, and Moonshadow Sedai [i. e. the people who came up with this crazy idea to begin with *grin*]. If you have objections to something going on in the game feel free to e-mail or talk to any of the Triad via the various messenger services. But please, Please, PLEASE be civil--nothing can get you off on the wrong foot faster than to just go off on any of the Triad. Nothing will be accomplished. The same holds for Gaul, or any firmly entrenched member of our society.

Novices/Newbies, the Mistress of- This office is currently held by Mayla al'Magil (an NPC run by Frenzy). She is the one you will go through to get your bio approved and she is also the one to answer any specific questions that deal directly with being an Isai. Her assistant is Simone Barrat. Simone handles out-of-game bio approval and assists with Character Development.

OOC: This means Out Of Character. Whenever you are on the main BBS, and want to make a statement that your character wouldnt know or even think about (IE: "I'm not sure what to do in this plot right now") Then you would type "****OOC: I'm not sure what to do now****" and then someone would get back to you.

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