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The Twin Towers Role Playing Game is copyrighted to Danette Sedai, Frenzy Sedai, Moonshadow Sedai. Individual character information is copyrighted to the players who have contributed to the game. This website is copyrighted to Moonshadow. All of the stories avaliable off of the Arcives page are copyrighted first to the author and then to the Twin Towers RPG. All characters mentioned in the Twin Towers RPG are the sole property of their creator. All stories by Danette Sedai, and all stories marked 'Threads in the Pattern' are also copyrighed to Turings of the Wheel. The world of the Wheel of Time and all the characters affiliated with it are the sole property of Robert Jordan and Tor Publishing--any use of the contents is for entertainment use only. This RPG is no way intended to infringe upon the rights granted by the copyright. Some sections of the books are copied directly, but are not meant to be plagarisim.

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