Just finished uploading the new Image Gallery. It's not much, but I am sure we will be getting new submissions, so keep your eyes peeled. The Gallery has been added to the Story Info area of the menu.


Well, obviously we're doing well with the new board site, as we haven't had to move yet. :) Just updated contact information for characters. If you don't see your character there, or you need more information added email me at msmoonshadow@aol.com And I will add it. NOTE: Newly accepted charcters do not have thier information posted until they have posted at least once on the boards, and then they will need to reply to my welcome letter with information for the Bios.


well, the newest thing here at the Towers is that we are testing out a new home for our messageboards, the real home of the Towers. For the last week and a half we have been testing out ezboard, and letting everyone have thier say as to likes and dislikes. So far the votes and comments ahve been good. Proposed new home for the Towers Boards


Well, as this is the newest and latest edition of the Twin Towers RPG both of the other websites are now being forwarded here. You can still access the old sites, in case you are looking for that special little something from way back when by going to index2.html. i.e. (http://www.geocities.com/twintowersrpg/index2.html for the first site) or (http://www.geocities.com/twintowerrpg/index2.html for the second site)

06/17/2003 Unfortunately we cannot access the old Twin Towers Guestbook, so we are no longer going to use it. You'll notice that the links for it have been changed to show our new device, the Guest Map. Feel free to add your dot in the world there.
If you would like to view the old Guest map, for now you can at: View Old Guestbook
WARNING! You will experience at least 2 pop-up ads at this guestbook.

06/10/2003 For your posting Pleasure:

Twin Towers RPG, and it's partner sites The Shayol Ghul Gazette and The Wot Den now have a Wheel of Time Messageboard. (Link is provided in the menubar above for easy convience.)

02/27/03Working in final stages of beta mode. Have made a few attempts to badger people into helping by getting me the information I need to finish up. If you know of something missing from anywhere, send it to me at twilightamyrlin@yahoo.com. No other addresses needed. If you would like to make sure that there is a backup of the information you're sending out, feel free to copy the email to twintowerrpg@yahoo.com.
that's all for now folks! We'll keep you updated. *BIG GRIN*

02/20/2003 Here's to the start of our 3rd year!

08/2002 Hello everyone, and welcome to the newest site for the Twin Tower's RPG. Right now things are in beta mode, as Dragon Thief has been kind enough to give this domain to Uno and Moonshadow as a wedding present (with a lil help from a few others, the only one I know of for sure is Frenzy, but still.....)
So, take a spin, see what there is to see, enjoy.

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