This is a compilation of prophecies created by individual characters that affect either the entire Twin Towers RPG or specific characters therein.. The actual interpretations and other such things can be found at the Prophecy Board. (compiled by Gnat)

Ja'ereal's Prophecies
Jons's Prophecies77
Imram's Prophecies
Gnat's Prophecies
Tsorovan'm'hael's Prophecies
Other Prophecies

Ja'ereal's Prophecies

"The thing that concerned him the most was the first dream. He caught flashes of the visions still: A destroyed city, all in white, like a mess of broken porcelain. He caught flickers of things around the edges, like a red and gold shape that moved like the wind, and a hidden darkness that was trying to swallow the shape up. The city, the golden creature, and the darkness, all were held in a cage made of paper? Maybe not. It was one of the most vivid, but vaguest dreams that he had." - Ja'ereal, fulfilled.

"There were other dreams though. One of the next was that of two people that he had briefly met. One was the man Simone with another man, and they faced an apparition: Two men, superimposed, one old, and one young, and while Ja'ereal watched, they two seemed to melt into one another. Before he was swept off, he saw something else: Simone and the other man had strangely female shadows that moved of their own accord." - Ja'ereal, fulfilled.

"There was another of the Light Amyrlin. He watched as she reached into a pool of blackness and pulled out a small golden pendant in the shape of a flame. As she did so, the image swirled crazily, and Ja'ereal found a strange looking woman confronting her. For some reason, he couldn't tell whether or not Amyrlin Danette had the pendant still, but knew it was vitally important." - Ja'ereal, ???.

"Then there was the face of Mikel, who Ja'ereal suddenly remember had met him on that first day in the valley. His eyes were drawn to the backs of Mikel's hands, and he saw something that confused him. Mikel's hands cast out a set of dice, but it was through the back of his hand that he did it. The golden serpent was seemed to be biting into Mikel's hand, drawing blood." - Ja'ereal, ???.

"Then there was a picture of Akai, which surprised him. Akai was peeled away, and the man that Ja'ereal knew from one of his first days at the tower appeared. It was the person named to him as Mordeth. But I knew that already, Ja'ereal thought to himself. Mordeth was walking, but there was a split in his path. Ja'ereal could see down both of the paths as Mordeth walked, down one he seemed to blend into the background, leading something on a chase for mist and shadows, and down the other he fenced with a shadowy figure using the blade of a king or queen. Ja'ereal watched and wondered which one Mordeth would choose, but to his surprise, when he reached the split, Mordeth seemed to divide in two and kept walking down both paths at the same time." - Ja'ereal, ???.

"The last dream he remembered as well. He faced a mirror, and no matter where he turned, he stared back into his own face. It was the worst, the scariest dream." - Ja'ereal.

"A sunset in Tear. A boat out of water with Jagad on it holding a baby. A blonde-haired girl standing next to him. And sadness. So much sadness."

Two men standing together, juggling fire. Ja'ereal is enthralled by the artful way the men are tossing the blazing fires, but neither of them seem to be getting burned yet. Suddenly, both of them together make a mistake, and the fire begins to burn them badly. One falls to the ground, and the other one, though hurt looking, remains standing as all the fires, even the ones that Ja'ereal feels are connected to him go out.

Headmaster Firseal stands straight as an arrow, and from his legs roots grow down, but the ground that he stands on are actually tiny cities. Ja'ereal is swept closer, and sees that some of the cities seemed to be stacked on each other, and the roots are growing through them all.

Ja'ereal is now face to face again with the tattooed man. In a flash, he reaches to his wrist, and tears open the skin, letting blood drip down around a lock that had suddenly appeared. The man threw it away, and then suddenly he stiffened, and he was wreathed in an aura of bloody flames and incandescent sparks of pain. As the surrounding are marred by the passing of the dream, Ja'ereal hears a shriek of pain and a sense of terror.

A man, dark to his soul and with crimes uncountable going back hundreds of years is stabbed in the side. Ja'ereal can see that the person that stabs him is just in their conviction, but the man cries "I am innocent of this!" and Ja'ereal knows it for truth.

A pretty woman looking down on an island in a river with a crowd arranged behind her. Suddenly, it is as if the sky turns into an ocean and pours down onto the island, washing it clean. The woman laughs and the river becomes poisoned. Ja'ereal shivered with fear.

Now there are a group of indistinct fades, hunting in a place that is always grey. Someone appears, and the kill him and move, on, but when they pass the man has disappeared.

A gray haired man with a white hot hammer striking an anvil so dark it seems to consume the light around it.

A small insect hill, as if for ants, looms above Ja'ereal. Then the world shakes, and it becomes a mountain, with hundreds of creatures rumbling forth from it to take whatever they want from the world.

The puppets were fighting again too, one with Ravens and one with a twisted skull, but nothing seemed to have been resolved yet. Ja'ereal has the feeling that there is some element that has not been introduced here yet, and wonders what it could be.

The Sun Throne, sitting unoccupied. It is lit by a beam of bright light, wreathing it, with a shadow in its seat. Near it, a girl stands, dressed in a royal gown and a tiara of jewels. She takes a step towards the throne, but as she does, the light dims and the shadow grows. She steps back, then falls to her knees and weeps. Her tears evaporate before they hit the ground, and behind her and on the breast of her dress can be seen the sunburst of Cairhein encircled by the purple thread of royalty. "I dare not take what I must," she cries, but Ja'ereal is being swept away again.

Caemlyn, still slightly askew, covered by a cloud of darkness. And now, stalking through the streets came the procession. The main figure was the huge red lion that slowly made it's way through the streets. It seemed so large that most would have thought it slow and stupid, but it moved like it expected an attack, but it would not be turned away. It was moving like a hurricane, nothing would stand in it's way. In front of it there was a small white lady guiding it, and as she led the procession seemingly floating, she kept her eyes locked on Ja'ereal. She needed him, or she would, it it was vitally important that he be there. Still, there was something sad about her, as if even if he was there, then that would not fully negate what was about to happen. Ja'ereal sighed, and turned back to the lion. The large struggling blade in it's mouth did not show the bright gleam of steel, it was a dull stone gray. Now the lion looked down at him, and the blade stopped struggling, but the lion didn't release it. The shadows around them were still coming into focus, but Ja'ereal thought he could make out more specific shapes.

A book, ordinary, sitting alone in a cold stone room. A man who's features Ja'ereal cannot see closes the doors on it, and locks the doors with a key. The book has a sense of great importance. Another view of the book. Here it sits in a dark hall, where it sinks into the floor and begins to glow brightly. Beyond it, the hall slopes up and stairs appear, the book the first step. At the top, a object that appears as a circular disc with a black and a white teardrop curved together is momentarily seen.

Mikel, back again, still holding the Keeper's rod, and Mikel is smiling at something good that he thinks is coming to him.

A man, standing in the Tower of Light, with the Tower of Dark inside him. Both can use him as a weapon, both for the same purpose, but his heart cannot belong to both. This is another that shakes Ja'ereal mentally.

A storm cloud, gathering over an shoreline horizon. It is grey and dreary, but a limb breaks from it, and in the offshoot a red light, somehow unhealthy, glows. It threatens to consume the cloud

The tower with the vine is nearly collapsing, and the cats are beginning to mew.

Jon's Prophecies

'"... a woman with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She seems to be watching you all the time...." --refers to Anna Sedai

"I saw a kind of silver arch, with a weird light flowing in it. There was a wolf-tooth floating in the air on one side of it, and a Great Serpent ring floating on the other side." --refers to the Raising

"... it means you're going to hurt someone you didn't mean to, if you're not careful. And you'll regret it for a long time." --coming soon' - by Earl Jons

Imram's Prophecies

A tune and fire prevent the return,
The people who wear the tree dismayed,
The people who made the tree redeemed,
The hammer finds the anvil of storms and dams it.

Upon the isle of hope shattere'd,
A great wave from the ocean comes.
Lost are those yet doomed to die,
When dawn comes...the Healer's hand opens.

Above the sun flow the standard of pain past,
of hope to come, of hope reborn.
Where a Wreath from two that is One,
will be lain to the feet of the legacy of pain.

The hammer of Light weilded by the Invisible Spear,
Song of the Dead calls forth the smash,
Night holds fast to the hills of anger and of desecration,
The hammer finds the anvil of shadows and heats it white.

To the Mountain of Doom ride forth the Light,
The Forest of Night burned before them.
The Storm of the Sea in fear,
And the Cabal of Shadow rages impotent.

A second chance for the spear,
A second chance for life and death equal.
Wane the battle, cry of death,
Chaos, Darkness, Light the hammer...turns towards home.

The dome shines on,
The standard yet flies,
The trees and the city crowned again,
Stride forth the victorious procession baring the beir...
...of a flower and a spear.

Gnat's Prophecies

She drifted, and came upon her brother. He was bound entirely in chains, but she could see that all he would have to do to remove the lock that bound them would be to touch it. He did so, but even though he threw the lock away, it still bound him. And then he began to bleed and howl with pain, and weep, but even his tears were blood.

She saw the valley. There, then not there, then there again. She didn't understand that one at all, and quickly forgot it.

She saw a white dress stained with blood, the sea near Ebou Dar, and the same dress floating in the water. She saw a girl whose face she could not see walking in it, along a path in autumn, covered with leaves, and she thought the girl had not walked for a long, long time...

Laûriel again. Her dreams often turned to him. This time, she saw him draw his knife. He set it down in the air in front of him, then pulled a sword from his belt. He set that down as well, and pulled out a crossbow, a poleaxe, an ashanderei, a staff. All the while, a man leading an army of ghosts taught him what he needed to know, and then he was leading the army, but still following the man. Somehow, she felt proud of him.

- Lalauri

Tsorovan'm'hael's Prophecies

"It would seem, from two of the scrolls, that it has to do with eclipsing or something like that. They also speak of the Wheel, Time, and antithesis. The Wheel and Time are not spoken as of the Wheel of Time, but as two separate entities, how I don't know." He finished, spreading his hands.

tsorovan'm'hael listened to him, his face expressionless. "What of the Dark Warrior? I know that it was spoken of in one of the scrolls, did you find anything else about that?"

Darion perked up, "Dark Warrior, yes, and that is interesting. It seems that this man, is an evolution. Man in body and mind, his soul is split between the worlds He is also referred to as the Skin Brother and his skills are needed in trapping and destroying Mordeth. Why he is special or what the 'Skin Brother' refers to, again, I have yet to find the answer. - apparently, the method by which Mordeth will be defeated. Since a child called the Chaos-slayer has been born*, it seems unlikely that this makes any sense.

* Approved by Frenzy and Mordeth

Other Prophecies

These are various prophecies sent to all the dreamers and prophecy makers. They are here in their base forms (before we got our grubby little hands on them). No authors names are included.

1  The Valley disappearing and reappearing, and disappearing again.

2  Crescent moons fighting golden bees, with marionette strings leading up from both. You can't see where they go, but you think they're coming from the same puppeteer.

3  A false Dragon ground to dust between an anvil and a sword. The false Dragon isn't a person, though, and it may be an entire people. 

4  A caged wolf in the shadows, but the wolf's brethren want to kill it not save it.

5  A black bird feasting on dead man, with the rising sun in the background. Overwhelming sense of vengeance with this one.

6  A fortress in the mountains, attacked by both the Light and the Shadow. But you can't tell which is which, because sometimes the Shadow looks like the Light, and other times it's the other way around. Maybe they're trading places, maybe they're blending, you can't tell.

7  A bird of flame, a bird with black feathers and a wolf, all poised as if ready to attack. A thread keeps them from attacking their enemies. An even thinner thread keeps them from attacking each other. And all around them are other animals all with sharp objects, ready to cut one or both of the threads.

8  Five ancient brothers welcoming a sixth into the fold.


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