A rough history of the aftermath of Tarmon Gai’don, and the first 300 years of the Fourth Age
By Hoesil Torread
Asha’Man of the Brown
Tower of Light

The State of the Dark One’s Prison

Current treatises of the time show that Tarmon Gai’don ended with the Lord Dragon Rand al’Thor & company replacing the Seal on the Bore, resealing the Dark One away from the Pattern much the way Lews Therin’s companions did, but with a few notable differences. The Seal is made in a way that it gets stronger & more complete as time progresses, though the Dark One can still reach through and communicate with his minions, and has the most tenuous of contacts with the mortal world. Given enough time, the Seal will completely Heal the Bore, making it as if it were never. The timeline for this full Healing is projected to be many thousands of years, but it will come some day. Currently, 300 years after Tarmon Gai’don, the Bore is estimated to be 50% Healed. The Dark One can still communicate with his minions, but faintly, and only in the Pit of Doom. The Dark One is no longer able to grant the True Power, and the Blight is receding.

The Lord Dragon is believed to have died while sealing the Bore. This conficts with later reports of his activities in the land. Some people believe Nynaeve Sedai raised him from the Dead three days later, others think he never died. Reports are too conflicting, and come from reliable sources, so only the Wheel knows the truth.

After their defeat in Tarmon Gai’don, the forces of the Shadow regrouped at Shayol Ghul. A sinister Tower was built on the slopes of Shayol Ghul, called the Tower of Shadows. Those of the highest echelons of the Shadow held court there, directing the forces of the Shadow in the new Age. Most Darkfriends still lived in silence, working from the background. But the Tower of Shadows gave the Light something to focus its attacks on. The Tower of Shadows was ruled by the New Chosen. (see the Treatise: History of the Shadow for more details)

While the Asha’man were welcomed in Tar Valon, and the Black Tower relocated, Rand al’Thor never again trusted Aes Sedai. He left the Asha’man, leaving Logain Ablar as M’Hael. (Mazrim Taim was killed during Tarmon Gai’don.) As years passed, Rand saw that Tar Valon was focused wholly on the Tower of Shadows, ignoring the plight of the normal people and destroying themselves in the process of trying to destroy the Shadow. Therefor he set up a third Tower in Shienar. Calling it the Gray Tower, its mission was to serve the people of the world, and balance the Tower of Shadows and Tar Valon. Lines of communication were set up between all three Towers, and were key in avoiding many potentially bloody conflicts.

There is no doubt that the Lord Dragon saved the world, and rumors of being resurrected elevated him to a religious figure, and a Monastic following springs up, calling themselves the Path of the Dragon. As Rand al’Thor ages his memory fades more and more, and he drops from the public eye. Nobody knows what happened to him, but it is rumored that an old man known only as the Storyteller started wandering the land after Rand disappeared, spreading a message of peace and healing.

After Tarmon Gai’don, the world was not yet done with battle. The Seanchan are firmly entrenched in Tarabon, Amadicia and to a lesser extent Altara, and are trying to take Arad Domon and Ghealdan. Saldaea helps Arad Domon, and Andor helps Amadicia (to use as leverage to get the Whitecloaks out of Andor), so most of the Western Continent is embroiled in the Seanchan War.

After 100 years, the war finally ends with a decisive victory over the Seanchan at Jehannah. New Manetheren forces, led by General Alsbet Aybara, granddaughter of Faile and Perrin Goldeneyes and sister to King Davram Aybara. After their defeat, the Seanchan retreated back to the Almoth Plain, and have never advanced again.

The State of the Nations

Tarabon is a strong and organized nation, with loyalty to the Seanchan Empire. The Seanchan themselves have settled the Almoth Plain & Toman Head. Altara is still Seanchan territory, but the Altarans, especially in Ebou Dar, continue to fight for their freedom. The martyr Beslan Mitsobar is a strong rallying force, even 300 years after his death. Ebou Dar was recently devestated by an attack from the Forsaken known as Aeris, and is still recovering.

Things are not going well in Seanchan. Several small to moderate rebellions have started up. This in itself isn't all that unusual in Seanchan, but the fact that they're happening all at once, and being lead by well-organized and well-funded people. Asinbayar, Rampore, Noren M'Shar, Sohima and Tzura are all in the grips of civil unrest, and have petitioned the Crystal Throne for aid. The worst of the uprisings is in Anangore. The entire province is in chaos. The High Lord Falun has been assassinated, and the provintial capital is held by renegades. To deal with the mounting insurrections, the Crystal Throne has quietly been pulling troops from its holdings in Tarabon, Altara, Amadicia and Almoth. How these events will affect the rest of the world remains to be seen.

Arad Domon is a weakened nation, with its population decimated and its lands burned. The City of Dystara was built across the border from Katar on the Almoth Plain, and two sizable armies stare balefully at each other over the border.

Amadicia was also badly hit by the wars but managed to keep it’s borders, and the Whitecloaks are still active, though their numbers were also hit hard. Channeling is still a crime punishable by death in Amadicia, and all channelers are viewed as Darkfriends.

Southwestern Ghealdan is mostly depopulated, destroyed by the battles. Northeastern Ghealdan is now part of New Manetheren, which includes the Two Rivers, the eastern slopes of the Mountains of Mist as far north as Baerlon, parts of old Andor that extend as far east as Whitebridge, and a frontier to the north: people trying to reclain the western sections of the Carralain Grass. New Manetheren is ruled by young Queen Bodewhin ni’Aybarra.

Greater Aravalon, which includes the eastern portions of old Andor, northern Murandy, and southern Cairhein from Aringill/Maerone south to the River Iralell, and east to the Spine of the World, is ruled from Caemlyn. Queen Motriane Trakand was enthralled by Mordeth, and was killed when her children, with the aid of the Towers, forced Mordeth to flee. Myraine Trakand wears the Rose Crown, and sits on the Lion Throne and her brother Alecsi is her First Prince of the Sword (and secretly a tortured soul deeply in debt to the Dark Amyrlin).

Cairhein lost land in the wars, now covering an area from the River Erinin to the West to the Spine of the World in the East, Kinslayer’s Dagger to the North, and Greater Aravalon to the South. The Court of the Sun, ruled by King Pelinor Damodred, is closely allied with Greater Aravalon through ties of blood and common struggles. Pelinor was recently assassinated by unknown forces, and his heir Gwendalyn spirited away. Lord Cor Sinistrum led an army to restore order to the City of Cairhien, and a brutal order it is under the thumb of one of the Shadow's Great Captains.

Murandy is still a patchwork country, and Far Madding is still a prominent City-state, much like they were before Tarmon Gai’don. Though the two are more closely aligned with each other now. Recently, they’ve both fallen under the sway of a mysterious new leader.

The Borderlands are pretty much the same, with the exception of Malkier being reborn, and the northern borders expanding with the Blight receding. Shienar is again not a Borderland in geography, but remains one in spirit. Malkier is ruled by House Mandragoran; the Golden Crane flies again. The Borderlands are again under siege by the Blight, with all signs pointing to the Chosen trying to start another Trolloc War.

Tar Valon was ravaged, but made it out of Tarmon Gai’don and the following Wars intact. Elaida’s palace was converted into the Black Tower, and Asha’man & Aes Sedai have begun the long healing process of learning to trust one another. Having the Seanchan around, killing or leashing them on sight, helped a lot. However, Tar Valon did not survive the Shadow Wars.

Illian & Tear have, for the most part, buried their former animosity, after Rand was leader of both countries. High Lord Darlin was crowned King of Tear by The Lord Dragon, and Lord Gregorin was similarly crowned King of Illian after Rand al’Thor abdicated. However, once Rand died, their feud started up again. The feud has been on and off for the last 300 years, though the past five years have been remarkably peaceful.

The Sea Folk still rule the Waves, though they have to be doubly careful in the Aryth Ocean, with the Seanchan still active. Trade with Shara has dropped off slightly, but still remains lucrative. Men who channel are called Stormbreakers, and work closely with Windfinders, lending their strength to fight off pirates and Seanchan. (See Atha’an Miere History for more details)

The Aiel were hit hard by Tarmon Gai’don, but they chose to remain in the Waste. A band of Aiel who joined the Tinkers once the bleakness took them, and the Tinkers themselves, set up camp in Rhuidean. Everyone calls them the Da’shain Aiel, and they follow the Way of the Leaf. (Some Tinkers continue their nomadic lifestyle, but they are no longer shunned by the Aiel) Each clan and each society has a roof in Rhuidean, and the Peace of Rhuidean still holds. Avendesora still thrives in the heart of Rhuidean amidst the glass columns and artifacts of the Age Of Legends, and the Aiel hold the Heart as sacred, never entering without permission from the Wise Ones.

The Shadow Wars

About 275 years after Tarmon Gai’don, one of the New Chosen broke away from the Tower of Shadows: Jeraal Mordeth. (See Treatise: History of the Shadow for more details) He was always seen as an outsider and a renegade, and now he was in truth. The Shadow hunted him down, but could never capture him. He had amassed a sizable army of dreadlords and warriors who were rabidly loyal to him. Basing his campaign out of the crater that was Shadar Logoth, which was still haunted but he somehow could control it, he randomly attacked both the Shadow and the Light. During these attacks the city of Jehannah was completely destroyed, leaving a smoking ruin. The Tower of Shadows was also destroyed, along with a sizable number of Shadowspawn, though most if not all of the New Chosen survived. The Gray Tower was also destroyed. Tar Valon was also attacked, and the Shining Walls fell. Many Aes Sedai and Asha’man were killed. Most of the treasures in the Tower storerooms were safely evacuated by three Aes Sedai: Danette Galliana of the Green, Ilyara Tomakin of the Brown, and Frenzy Rook of the Gray. During the attack that leveled Tar Valon Ilyara was killed. Also, it was discovered that Frenzy was the mysterious Forsaken known as the Dark Amyrlin, and she was forced to flee the City, with the M’Hael Logain Ablar (junior) hot on her heels.

The raids by Mordeth’s forces continued and gained in strength, frequency and ferocity. After 4 years of unsuccessful attempts to reign in the terror something miraculous happened. The forces of Light and Shadow agreed on a cease-fire, and combined forces to destroy the Renegade. Chani Moonshadow, who was Keeper to the Gray Amyrlin (after having left Tar Valon), brokered this unprecedented accord. Danette Galiana and Frenzy Rook represented their sides, although their sides were hardly one voice. Many of the Light and the Shadow denounced this truce, and kept fighting on their own.

After all three Towers were destroyed, the leaders of this fragile truce met to discuss options. As one might expect with high-ranking people from all sides of the line, nothing much got done. Most everyone left, but Chani, Frenzy & Danette stayed. Since everyone was now Tower-less, they ironed out an agreement. In a large Valley in the Mountains of Mist, south of the Great Lake, and in nobody’s territory, three great Towers would be built. Each on the high cliff, with a common valley between them all, the Light Tower, the Dark Tower and the Twilight Tower coexisted in a wary peace. In the center of the Valley is a large Academy, which houses the greatest Library, military academy and University in the wetlands. People from all nations come here and to the Towers to study, to grow, and to shake the foundations of modern society.


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