SWAM – SPN Women Against Manipulated Photos

Chani’s S.W.A.M. spot in the world.

Will show manipulations that have been debunked in two categories.

1: Works in progress – where I  have found the base bodies to create the manipulated photos, showing that they are not the actors implied.

2: Completed – where I have fully identified both the base bodies and which shots of the actors were used to create the manipulated photos.


While art and creativity are both something to be encouraged and appreciated throughout the ages, it’s our thoughts that some SPN inspired photo manipulations can go overboard. They are perceived as real, and shared in many spots online. They can shine a less than positive light on the character of the fine actors of the show. And distract from their fine acting, and the wonderful production of Supernatural itself. This site is help provide a guide to let you recognize a manipulated photo when you see one…

The guys rock our world just they way they are. Their acting; their compassion; how they get along with each other, their co-workers, their fans; the way their faces light up when they talk about their family…. They are beautiful just the way they are.