The Twin Towers RPG is set in the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, obviously. But it is the Fourth Age now, and roughly three hundred years have passed since Tarmon Gai'don wrecked the world at the end of the Third Age. During that three hundred years, much has changed. Many boundaries and landmarks have changed, or are simply no longer there. Use the links below to find out exactly how things have changed, as well as to learn about the Towers and the people residing there (characters).

Also due to the fact that Robert Jordan might alter the world in a different manner than we have, you can consider our world as a spin-off from book eight (A Path of Daggers); a World of If accessed by portal stones that is different than what Robert Jordan might do in the real World.

Characters - A listing of all characters in the game, both playable and non-playable. Includes their bios, histories, statsheets, graphics, and any other miscellaneous information gathered about them.

Histories- Histories of all major nations and organizations since the Last Battle of the Fourth Age until current times.

Tower Info- In-depth information about the Towers.

Map - A current map of the world, with the new nation boundaries.

Prophecy - A listing of the known prophecies concerning the Twin Towers.

Twin Towers History - An indepth history of the Twin Towers. Information is always being added, so check often for updates.

Twin Towers in Brief - A descriptive of the valley in which the Twin Towers reside..


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